Are You Sitting On Your Biggest Asset?

When you retire, you may find you are busier than ever before. Seeing friends, helping out with the grandkids, looking after the house, it seems hard to believe that you used to do all of this and work, too. But the best part of retiring is getting more time to spend doing the things that you actually enjoy. When you’ve worked all your life, it is nice to be finally able to do what you want to do for a change and not be at the mercy of your nine to five.

But retirement can be harder than many people realise. It’s odd to think that your working days are done now. This can make some people feel quite useless and redundant. Especially if they have spent years working hard in a job they enjoy. It may leave a big void in a lifestyle that can be difficult to fill.


Taking up new hobbies is a good way to keep busy. As you get older, it’s increasingly important that you keep your brain active, too. Keeping your grey matter stimulated is essential in maintaining your mental health. Studies have shown that keeping the brain active can help stave off conditions like dementia and other associated problems that happen as part of the ageing process.

The truth is, a lot of haven’t given our retirement as much as thought as it deserves. What we thought might be an adequate pension may barely cover your primary day to day expenses. And you’ll find with more time on your hands, there are more and more opportunities to spend money. You get very little for free in this world!

Unless you’ve got extra savings, it can be difficult to find extra income once you’ve retired. It could be tempting to go back and try and find a part-time job to earn some extra pennies. But if you have had enough of being in the workplace then it might be something you’d really rather not do.

If you own your home, then downsizing could be an option. By selling your property and moving somewhere smaller, you could significantly boost your savings pot. If you don’t want to move, then you could go for releasing equity in your home. Have a look at for more information. Strict regulations mean that even if you were to go down this road, you could still stay in your own home for the rest of your life without paying any rent.

Make sure you’re getting the best deal on your essential bills. You can often save money by changing energy suppliers. There are so many tariffs you can usually find a deal that is, at least, a little cheaper than your current provider. If you’re still paying a mortgage, check your rates are the best on offer, and if not, move lenders. It can be done without as much as hassle as you might think. It’s not too difficult to find ways can help you get more bang for your buck.

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